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03 Feb How to Prepare for Urethral Sounding
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Before you decide to experiment with sounding, it’s important to understand that it takes time, patience and a bit of sense for adventure. This is why sounds, penis plugs and other similar toys and tools do seem so exciting. They can make you experience completely new sensations and enjoy some hot, ..
16 Jan Sounding Rods Meaning, How To Use, Pros & Cons, Types
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Heard of sounding rods? They sure do sound like something a witch doctor would use to discover what parts of the body weren’t working at optimum efficiency. Here’s the deal though, sounding rods are sex toys. And they are the kind of sex toys you can play with all by yourself or with the assistance ..
10 Jan Sounding Rods Pros & Cons
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Sounding rods are among the most popular urethral toys. These are typically longer urethral sounds or wands that are ideal for deep urethral play. However, even some shorter toys are sometimes called “sounding rods”, which creates a confusion. If you want to try these toys, it is important to know s..
04 Nov Penis Plug Safety
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Urethral sounding in the United Kingdom can be a very rewarding experience when done properly. Envision how astonishing it would feel if you could have intense enjoyment both within and outside of your penis at the same time. Numerous men have appreciated the unadulterated excitement, and with this ..
18 Jul How to Get Started With Ball Stretching
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Done correctly, ball stretching is a perfectly safe practice that improves the basal secretion of testosterone and blood flow to the groin to maintain or increase libido. Many men also experience an increase in the size of their testicles and enhanced sexual pleasure through regular ball stretching...
14 Jul Sounding and Burning Urethra
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Urethral sounding can be very exciting and pleasurable. However, one of the most common side-effects of this sexual activity is burning. You can encounter this burning during, or after urethral play. In order to stay safe, it is important to tell the difference between normal burning and something t..
13 Jul How to Use Sounding Rods
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Many men wonder about sounding rods and how to use them. This type of sexual stimulation is still somewhat unknown, so it’s not surprising that people have questions and that there is some confusion over how to perform this activity and how to use a sounding rod for pleasure.If you are interested in..
15 Feb Best Cock and Glans Rings For Stronger Erections and Orgasms
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Cock rings are what you put on your one-eyed snake in the presence of a priest, just before you say “I do” to it and your right hand living happily ever after. Just kidding!We are all adults here and know what cock and glans rings are for, so an explanation of their roles and purposes seems kind of ..
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