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The Tribal Dream Circle Ring is one of the most foolproof and beautiful accessories on the market right now. Similar to the Segment Ring in terms of looks, this one is crafted from a single block of 316L medical grade surgical steel giving you a high-quality product. Easy to open, insert, and r..
Ex Tax:£34.00
Nipple Knockers are made to be sturdy and durable. You and your partner will love them! They open numerous opportunities for sexy play. That’s right: they are much more than simple nipple jewelry pieces. True, they look very cool, but that’s not all.These Knockers can be used to stimulate the nipple..
Ex Tax:£20.00
This Super Heavy weight Monster Screwball Ring is specially designed ring made in large gauges.It is sturdy, powerful and ideal for stretched piercings.  The ring is not made from bending a large gauge wire but are machined from a single block of 316LVM Surgical Steel.Since this is Screwball Ri..
Ex Tax:£122.00
Monster Screwball Rings are specifically designed Screwball Rings made in large gauges. They are beautiful massive looking pieces ideal for stretched piercings.They are not made from bending a large gauge wire which causes stress cracks, they are machined from a single block of 316L Surgical Steel.A..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Surgical Steel Screwball Rings are sturdy, elegant, and Very Reliable. They look like Captive Bead Rings, but they are very different. The ball is threaded and simply screws neatly into one end of the ring. It means that with your normal daily tightness checks, the ball will almost never fall o..
Ex Tax:£28.00
Get the new and improved Big Ballin Chunk Ring and let the adventurer in you out to play! This piece is not only Beautiful but also functional, as it can help when trying to stretch a piercing. It comes in Eight sizes8 gauge - (3.2 mm)4 gauge - (5   mm)6 gauge - (4  mm)2 gauge - (6&nb..
Ex Tax:£56.00
This gorgeous piece of jewelry ad ingenuity will be your easiest piece of jewelry to use.No Pliers are required,No threaded ball,No herculean strength is needed.The rubber ball simply pops into place in the socket at the ends of the ring and stays there. Made out of 316L Solid Surgical Steel with a ..
Ex Tax:£47.00
This Real Monster Heavy curved barbell with 316L surgical stainless steel Princebell is for Prince Albert and other male genital piercings. This Monster gauge curved barbell features an internally threaded stem.Measurements:SmallThickness: 8mm Length for Rod 17mmBall:  25mmWeight: 140 Gram..
Ex Tax:£75.00
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